3" Executive Aluminum Attache Briefcase

Important Note!

Note that although this aluminum attache case is brand new right out of the box, this offer is a WHOLESALE offer! You won't find a better deal for this aluminum attache case ANYWHERE - on or off the internet.

This is a TOUGH 3" slim high tech silver aluminum molded attache case. It is brand new, right out of the box!

Specifications Of This Aluminum Attache Case


This durable case has:

  • Tongue & Groove Closure
  • Piano Hinges
  • Durable Key Closures (2)
  • (2) Heavy Duty Key Lock Clasps
  • Metal Handle
  • Molded Sidewall Stiffeners
  • Padded Interior Lining
  • Dual Stays To Hold The Top Open & Stabilize The Top Cover
  • Two Full Sized File Pockets
  • Pockets For Business Cards, Notes & Calculator
  • Pen Loops
  • Interior Has A Black Padded Lining
  • Exterior Finish: Anodized Natural Silver Aluminum


  • Size is 18" x 13" x 3" (inside dimensions)

The Quality Of This Aluminum Attache Case

The construction of this particular executive aluminum attache case is among the best of all of the cases we cary here at Cases Unlimited.

Most comparable cases like this which you might find elsewhere on the internet (such as on Craigslist or eBay) are made of fabricated parts held together by rivets rather than aircraft-quality aluminum; nor are they going to be die-struck from top to bottom, as is the case with this aluminum attache case. Typically, the ourser surface of the cheaper fabricated cases are going to have a veneer aluminum (which is a fancy way of saying that it's a thick aluminum foil) over merely PLYWOOD or CARDBOARD! In other cases, you will find that they are actually constructed from poly vinyl, merely made to look like aluminum. Obviously, cases such as these are going to be of inferior quality, giving you a poor experience with them, so "Buyer beware!"

So How Can I Tell The Difference?

If you see corners on the case that look different, and rivets that are visible, that's a good indicator that you don't have a real aluminum case.

The best aluminum case made today is the Halliburton Zero, which sells new for anywhere from $300 - $700 retail (click here to see their page). Our case is NOT a Halliburton Zero, but (in terms of comparable quality) is the closest you can get, especially for the price!

NOTE: We have no problem with the concept of a cheaply fabricated case selling for $29 to $49. However, the claims of "real aluminum" for cases such as these are misleading, and quite frankly immoral and unethical. All of our aluminum attache cases (including the one we are listing here) are real and will survive any scrutiny as well as the rigors of tough daily use. $49 for a cheap imitation of a case that doesn't hold a shadow to ours versus $99 for a case that will last for years is a no-brainer of a decision.

If you are looking for a close replica of the zero case for much less, THIS IS IT!!!

About The Price Of This Aluminum Attache Case

Technically, it's possible for you to find a better aluminum attache case. Of course, you would pay a lot more for it. The comparable attache case that many might recognize would be the "Halliburton Zero Aluminum Case", which would set you back upwards of $300 or more. The bottom line is that our quality aluminum attache case is absolutely the best quality case that you will find ANYWHERE - on or off the internet - for this price!

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